Coopers Brewery approached Enabled with their project BrewArt - a new brand for Coopers surrounding their world first automated home brewing machine.

The BrewArt project was the biggest project I have worked on, it also fully demonstrates my array of skills and experience of including responsive online mobile and desktop experience, the co-branding of their BrewPrints, template for the EDM, promotional assets for both the store and emailer

Frontend Developer, Digital Designer

Custom Magento Template, Digital Assets - branding and promotional, Custom WordPress Template (FAQ and Support), Bronto Email Template for the EDM, Content Population, Responsive Web Design, Print friendly CSS - invoices, order and shipping slips, webview shop and administration pages within the mobile app.

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BrewArt - responsive devices
BrewArt - Store
BrewArt - FAQ
BrewArt - Product listing
BrewArt - Shopping Cart
BrewArt - BrewPrint Branding and Banners
BrewArt - EDM